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A wide range of handmade bull heads in wicker or rattan, and sometimes in metal. Dimensions from 11cm to 80cm with natural, black or brown colors. Styles and design can be split up into 3 parts :

- Classic bull head which borrows the traditional shape from the well known piece of basketwork. One design available in 6 sizes and 3 different colors.

- South of France bull head which is much like 50' style. One design "1963" available in black or natural and only one size.

- Design bull head made with wire fence. One design available in two different sizes.


Taureaux rotin  Extrait 3 couleurs  3 osier xl


Symbolic often copied animal, the stag has been dressed up with a natural rattan dress.

Two sizes (70cm and 110cm) available in two different colors, natural or brown. 

Cerfs chocolat  Cerf Rotin


Braided donkey as a reminder of childhood memory.

We can find it in Alfa in only one size of 48cm, and in two sizes (35cm and 60cm) made with rattan.

Their ears are ajustable in order to customize its mood.

Ane Naturel  Touslesanes3 5 14  Ane chocolat


The provencal cicada revisited for the first time in a natural material : The wicker.

One size (21cm) available in two different colors, natural and tinted wicker. 

A more designed cicada is available in one size (15cm) made with metal fence.

2 m 3 5 14 bis

South of France Cross

Provencal and Occitan emblematic cross. Completely handmade with dark wicker. Dimensions from 9cm to 16cm.

Croix de Camargue Rotin